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108- 1350 Mazurette H4N 1H2 Montreal Canada
Montreal Studio Kitchen

Large Studio Rental
for Photo and Video

Studio Kitchen is a studio space based in Montreal, Canada.
With 4,200 square feet of space, a variety of sets
and a cyclorama wall, you can create any kind of
project within these walls.
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Commercial Grade

Fully Equipped
Prep Kitchen

Dedicated space to prepare food and have it
ready for the shoot.
Kitchen Amenities
Studio with Cyclorama in Montreal

26' Cyclorama Wall

The three sided infinity wall allows you
to shoot wider portraits or bigger objects.
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Montreal Studio Kitchen

More Than Just A Studio
We are a Creative Space

The studio also has a make up station,
changing rooms, and a lounge room.
We have space for the whole team:
food stylists, art directors, producers,
make up artist, talents, clients and more
Key Features
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